Register for Maha Rudra Yaga Sankalpa at Mount Kailash - Aug 2019

Sri Sankara TV & Sankara Yatra is conducting Sri Maha Rudra Yaga at Mount Kailash for devotees of Lord Shiva.

Sankalpa Information

Following Spiritual Activities shall take place:

  • Maha Sankalpa
  • Sri Maharudra Yaga
  • Sri Nava Chandi Yaga
  • Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja
Why participate in Maha Rudra Yagam at Kailash?
  • Mt.Kailash is the abode of Godess Parvathi and Lord Shiva
  • Performing ‘Maha Rudra Yagam’ at the abode of Lord Shiva is bound to increase the ‘phala’ of the Yagam & manifold the positive effects of the homa
  • Opportunity to take Sankalpa of the Yagam, Maha Prasadam, Raksha (holy ash) of Maha Rudra Yagam to those who cannot attend the Yagam in Mt.Kailash
  • Did you Know? Legend says that Lord Krishna chanted Rudra during the war of Kurukshetra.
Opportunity for Sankalpa

Sankalpa: Those who would not be able to attend Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2019 & Maha Rudra Yaga at Mount Kailash can have your name chanted in the Sankalpa for the listed benefits to be bestowed upon you and your family.

Mahaprasadam:Those performing Sankalpa will get Rudraksha Mala, Manasarovar Theertha, Raksha of Homa and Spatika Linga as Maha Prasada

Sri Maha Rudra Yaga Sankalpa Terms & Conditions

The Maha Rudra Yaga and the Sankalpa dates of Yagam will be 13th, 14th & 15th of August-2019 at Darchen under the leadership of Dr.Bhanuprakash Sharma Guru-ji.

Those devotees who have paid for Sankalpa shall recieve the Maha Prasadam box which will comprise of Sphatika Linga, Holy Manasarovar water, Holy ash, Rudraksha Mala which will be delivered to the residential address in a sealed box bearing name of Sankara Yatra.

Only one Mahaprasadam box for 1 payment for Sankalpa of Maharudra Yaga

The amount for Sankalpa for entire family limiting to 4 members would be Rs.4,000/-. Sankalpa will be done for all 4 members of family and Mahaprasadam will be dispatched to their address

The amount for Sankalpa for one single person would be Rs.2,000/-. Sankalpa will be done in the name of registered person only and Mahaprasadam sent to his registered address

The contributions are non-refundable and registrations are non-transferable. Devotees have to provide valid address & contact details, so that we can send the Mahaprasadam based on the option you have selected

A confirmation e-mail along with the receipt will be sent to you on successful payment. Kindly cross check the same to avoid duplicate transactions

Please feel free to call us on 080-43000900 if you find difficulties in online donation

Note: Maha Prasadam will be delivered to the given address at the end of the September month.